Much of the work of the Seniors Advisory Committee is conducted by various subcommittees focused on issues that we feel are currently the most pressing for older adults in Vancouver. The subcommittees comprise regular SAC members as well as outside parties. For the 2015-17 term, we have three active subcommittees:

Housing Subcommiteee

This Subcommittee studies and examines issues affecting affordable and accessible housing for older adults and their families living in the City of Vancouver. Examples of current and recent issues:


  • Eva Beda
  • Jim McCully
  • Colleen McGuinness
  • Chris Morrissey (Co-chair)
  • Scott Ricker (Co-chair)

Transportation and Mobility Subcommittee

This Subcommittee addresses affordable and accessible transportation, including public transit, as well as other issues affecting seniors’ mobility. Subcommittee members sit on the Transportation 2040 Stakeholders Advisory Group and TransLink’s advisory committees. Examples of current and recent issues addressed by the Subcommittee:

  • continuation of TaxiSaver program
  • improvements to TransLink’s custom transit services (e.g., HandyDART)
  • increases to pedestrian crosswalk signal times and installation of countdown timers at intersections
  • Taxi Drivers Training Program (educating taxi drivers to provide appropriate service to older adults and persons with disabilities)
  • revisions to City of Vancouver Street Restoration Manual
  • improvements to street lighting
  • enhancing safety of pedestrians on cycling routes


Outreach and Event Planning Task Force

The Task Force aims to encourage and facilitate feedback through existing channels from  seniors, the elderly, and their families on civic matters affecting them.

Examples of outreach activities:

  • meetings in community and seniors’ centres (e.g., Kerrisdale, Champlain Heights, Barclay Manor)
  • organize events for National Seniors’ Day
  • attendance at civic functions and academic conferences
  • liaising with seniors’ groups and civic agencies (e.g., LGBTQ Advisory Committee)


Social Isolation and Loneliness Task Force

The Task Force aims to examine the causes of isolation and loneliness among older adults, and to work with the City and community agencies to develop initiatives to alleviate these problems.


Small Business Outreach Task Force

The Task Force aims to foster working relationships between the Committee and the small business community.

Lead: Thomas Crean

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